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Mila Kunis: A Biography by Andrew  Soler

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Sex symbol, pop cultural icon, celebrated actress on the rise -- Mila Kunis does it all. As an American actress, she has appeared on television sitcoms, done voice acting in an iconic animated series and successfully taken on the film world. Impressively, Kunis has earned accolades and critical acclaim in all three ventures, demonstrating a remarkable, versatile acting talent.

Her story is an exercise in the hope and glamour of the American Dream. It reads like a modern fairytale or rags-to-riches movie script: an unknown girl from the Ukraine escapes persecution and moves to the city of angels to eventually become a Hollywood star.

With her career already established by the time she was cast in Black Swan, Darren Arronofsky’s 2010 box office sensation, Mila Kunis experienced international super-stardom once the film hit theaters, wowing audiences with her darkly sensual portrayal of a ballet dancer. The film showcased her acting abilities and put her in the public spotlight.


Andrew Soler has published poetry and short stories while working as a newspaper journalist. After selling gas masks and chopping wood in an industrial lumberyard, he quit his job to finish college and earned a BA, Political Science. Andrew then spent five years teaching English, History and creative writing in the bay area. He is interested in provocative music, muscle cars, gritty movies and beatnik literature.


A true story: amazingly, Kunis got the role on That 70s Show despite being just 14 years old. It was supposed to be for an actress older than 18 but Kunis kept telling producers she would turn 18 on her birthday, never specifying what year.

Once they found out her real age, they nevertheless decided to keep her on the show, believing her to be the best actress for the part. Playing the role of Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend, Mila Kunis stayed on the show for eight years, growing up in front of the nation’s watchful eyes.

In 1999, displaying her trademark versatility as an actress, Kunis replaced Lacey Chabert as the voice of Meg Griffin on the popular animated show Family Guy. In 2007, her efforts were finally recognized when she was nominated for an Annie Award in the category of Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production...

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