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Microsomes, Drug Oxidations and Chemical Carcinogenesis V1

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Microsomes, Drug Oxidations, and Chemical Carcinogenesis, Volume I, documents the proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Microsomes and Drug Oxidations held in Ann Arbor, July 1979. The symposium reviewed progress in the understanding of scientific and biomedical problems from a biochemical, biophysical, pharmacological, and toxicological perspective.
The book contains 117 contributions made by researchers at the symposium, which are organized into three sections. The papers in Section I focus on the chemical and physical characteristics of cytochrome P-450. Section II examines the mechanisms of action of cytochrome P-450 and related enzymes. The studies in Section III deal with the influence of membrane structure and protein synthesis on electron transfer components.
This book seeks to aid future progress in understanding the complexities of metabolic transformations by these versatile enzyme systems that act on physiologically important lipids as well as on a wide array of foreign substances, including drugs, anesthetics, industrial chemicals, food additives, pesticides, carcinogens, and nonnutrient dietary chemicals.

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