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Maya Angelou: A Singing Bird Uncaged by Laura  M.

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Maya Angelou is renowned worldwide for being one of the most influential women of our time. Her literary pieces, civil rights campaigning, filmmaking, dancing and acting have all received critical acclaim over the past four decades. Angelou has been privileged enough to have worked alongside some of history's most awe inspiring African-American civil rights campaigners, and has spent many years revisiting her roots in Africa.

As someone who has come from a childhood filled with pain and tragedy, Angelou has made achievements that even those who come from more privileged beginnings would struggle to make. Her poetry, and other literary works, have been heavily influenced by her life, her culture and Harlem Renaissance authors. Much of her work is used in high schools and colleges around the world, but it has also caused a great deal of controversy.

Angelou's approach to literature has been praised by feminists and literary critics alike. She has been recognized for her honest approach to the trials and tribulations that have plagued African Americans in the United States. Her approach has never been sugar coated, and at times her work has attracted criticism from those who would have preferred a less graphic approach.


In a bid to prevent the world from thinking she is frivolous, Angelou has attempted to remain tight lipped about her relationships. It is reputed that she has been married at least three times, but she will neither confirm nor deny whether there have been more marriages. In 1951, she married a Greek singer named Enistasious, who she would affectionately refer to as "Tosh."At the time that they became married, interracial relationships were heavily condemned in American society. The pair attended dance classes together and attempted to stage performances, but they were unsuccessful. A year later, the marriage broke down.

Angelou found she had a passion for dancing, and began performing on a regular basis at the Purple Onion Club, an arena that has given many celebrities their rise to fame, including Woody Allen. Her time at the Purple Onion Club was short lived, and she began touring with other performers. Her talent took her around the world, and as she traveled she made a conscious effort to learn the languages of the countries she visited. This led to her learning Arabic, French and Spanish, among other languages. Maya Angelou had at least two additional marriages.

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Biography of Maya Angelou

+ Introduction

+ Maya Angelou's Background and Upbringing

+ Maya Angelou's Major Accomplishments and Awards

+ Maya Angelou's Personal Life

+ ...and much more

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