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Little Tramp by Gil Brewer

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Book Description

Where was he? Why was he here, with this kid? What had he done?

Hazily he watched her come toward him, saw her hips sway beneath flimsy lace, the swell of full breasts in the skimpy bra. “How did we get here?” he demanded.

She laughed “Don’t you remember, honey? You kidnapped me … and …”

Remember? He remembered that she had cost him his job. Dimly he recalled cursing her out in a dozen bars, getting blind drunk. And he had a vague memory of her behind the wheel of a car. She had kidnapped him!

Now she was missing, and the cops would be hot on the trail. Which story would they swallow—his or hers?

He saw her angelic smile and knew the answer. He was trapped.

“Come on, Gary,” she said. “Let’s have some fun.”

  • ISBN: 9781440542121 |
  • Publisher: F+W Media |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook