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Lady Gaga by Seth  Leeper

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Lady Gaga is an enigmatic pop star with a large following of fans that essentially (and rightfully) fawn over everything she does. Equal parts distant and vulnerable, Gaga is known for songs that are intimate and catchy, but she retains a wall of mystery behind her avant-garde fashion and flashy musical style. Lady Gaga rose to pop prominence in 2009 when her debut single, Just Dance, reached number one on the charts in five countries.

A platinum blonde pop starlet upon hitting mainstream success, Gaga has since experimented with several incarnations of her image. A natural brunette, she started donning blonde wigs to distinguish herself from Amy Winehouse, whom she was often mistaken for early in her career.

[Back] then everyone had dark hair and I used to wear my hair big and wear lots of eyeliner before Amy came out and then [she was everywhere and] I thought: 'Oh s**t.' So I dyed my hair," (MetroLyrics).


Seth Leeper is a professional writer, blogger, and singer. He has written fashion columns and feature articles for AND and Xpress Magazines, maintained his own fashion blog, and contributed stories and poetry to Outspoken! e-zine. He has a B.A. in Creative Writing and Fashion Journalism from San Francisco State University. When he's not setting word to processor, he swims, jogs, and sings Linda Ronstadt classics.


After graduating from Convent of the Sacred Heart, Gaga was enrolled in New York Universitys Tisch School of the Arts, in their Collaborative Arts Project 21 program, but left by the age of 19 to pursue her music career. The week before the end of a year-long deal she made with her father to support her while she focused on music, Gaga was introduced to Rob Fusari, a producer who had had success with songs written for Destinys Child and Will Smith.

After a false start with the Def Jam record label, Gaga met Lady Starlight, a performance artist who would become influential in forming Gagas evolving sound and look. Gaga focused on performing with Starlight, go go dancing, and immersing herself in a niche culture that still celebrated 80s hair metal. Fusari managed to get Gaga a meeting with Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records, who agreed to give her a shot...

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  • ISBN: 9781614642237 |
  • Hardcover: 31 pages |
  • Publisher: Hyperink |
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