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Inspector Green Mysteries 9-Book Bundle by Barbara Fradkin

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Book Description

This ebook bundle contains the first nine novels of the Inspector Green Mystery series by Barbara Fradkin. On dangerous backstreets of Ottawa, Homicide Inspector Michael Green leads complex investigations into sensational cases. When his job puts his marriage, life, and even his family in harm’s way, Green’s obsession with uncovering the truth leaves him grappling with the ultimate meaning of justice.

"…combines a suspenseful story with plenty of opportunities to see the brook-no-nonsense inspector out of his natural element."


"A well-written page-turner."

Publisher’s Weekly

The Whisper of Legends - Inspector Green Mysteries #9 (NEW!)

When his teenage daughter goes missing on a summer wilderness canoe trip to the Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories, Green is forced into unfamiliar territory just as dangerous as the backstreets of Ottawa.

Beautiful Lie the Dead - Inspector Green Mysteries #8

When a wealthy social activist’s fiancee’s frozen body is found in the snow just blocks from his home, Inspector Green knows that someone is conspiring to keep the truth hidden.

This Thing of Darkness - Inspector Green Mysteries #7

The brutal killing of a controversial psychiatrist on a street corner initially looks like a mugging gone wrong, but Green’s investigation leaves him grappling with deeper, darker questions.

Includes 6 more Inspector Green titles:

Dream Chasers - Inspector Green Mysteries #6

Honour Among Men - Inspector Green Mysteries #5

Fifth Son - Inspector Green Mysteries #4

Mist Walker - Inspector Green Mysteries #3

Once Upon a Time - Inspector Green Mysteries #2

Do or Die - Inspector Green Mysteries #1

  • ISBN: 9781459721838 |
  • Hardcover: 2874 pages |
  • Publisher: Dundurn |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook