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How to Climb Mount Everest with Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Without Dying or Killing Each Other (A Mountain Climbing Survival Story) by Lacey  Kohlmoos

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So you've decided to take the plunge - and quite a plunge, at that. You have decided to spend weeks trekking through the Khumbu region of Nepal, to stand at the foot of Mount Everest. And adding to the challenge, you have decided to do it with your significant other.

As the two of you discussed taking on such an adventure, you were really excited. What a perfect way to bond as a couple and see some really cool stuff! But when the decision was officially made, you began to feel a little twinge of something. What was it: fear? Remorse? Guilt over the fear and remorse? Or perhaps it is just plain old dread.

You and your boyfriend/girlfriend have never gone on a trip this long before. You have never even been alone for that long before. There have always been other things to distract you - work, friends, family, kickball, etc. And talk about the stress. You are both type-A control freaks from the city. And you expect to survive planning a trip together, let alone actually trekking over 100 miles for a month together? This is surely insanity!

Or is it?


Lacey Kohlmoos is a writer, traveler and lover of the arts. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a BA in Drama & the Studies of Women and Gender, the only thing she knew for sure was that she wanted to travel. So, she embarked on a 10-12 month round-the-world trip, then traveled to Costa Rica where she spent one year teaching elementary school English in a small mountain town. Throughout her two years of travels, she's always kept a blog.


As for getting back in one piece physically, the key to an injury-free trek to Mount Everest is packing the right equipment and training your body for the physical stress of walking so long and far with weight on your back.

Let me first say that my boyfriend and I did not train enough before going on the trek. The first day on the trail was probably one of the least demanding in distance and elevation gain, but it was one of the most painful. We did not injure ourselves only because we walked slower than any of the other trekkers that we encountered on the trail.

You can take our approach - that you'll get into shape as you do the trek - but I recommend getting as many multi-day hikes in as you can before attempting the trek. As Kraig Becker writes on his blog Gadling, getting yourself physically ready for the trek, you'll save yourself a lot of grief on the trail.

Start training at least a couple months before your departure date so that you can gradually work up to longer hikes at higher altitudes with more weight on your back. This is also important for breaking in hiking boots if you decide to buy new ones...

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How to Climb Mount Everest with Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Without Dying or Killing Each Other

+ Introduction

+ The Preparation

+ The Execution

+ Common Mistakes to Avoid

+ ...and much more

  • ISBN: 9781614642275 |
  • Hardcover: 24 pages |
  • Publisher: Hyperink |
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  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook