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How To Switch To A Raw Food Diet For Weight Loss by Abigail  Bruley

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Whether you’re taking the plunge and switching to a new, raw food lifestyle or just want to detox and de-bloat after a period of overindulgence, the raw food diet can be a very effective tool in recharging the body.

Raw foodies, or Rawists, believe that cooking food kills the naturally occurring enzymes we need for proper digestion and nutrients, and that a continual lack in these enzymes can lead to weight gain, accelerated aging, digestive problems and peptic deficiencies. It’s a common misconception that rawists only consume cold food since they don’t cook, however, the diet maintains that is acceptable to heat food to 104 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit without harming any valuable nutrients or creating any acidic or carcinogenic compounds within the food.

Rawists believe that your body functions almost like an alkaline battery, relying on the proper flow of electrons to function properly. What we contribute to that flow can either add electrons and alkalize the system or steal electrons, leading to an acidic buildup that rusts or decays the system.


Abigail has contributed humor writing to outlets like the AV Club, NBC Universal and NYLON Magazine. She's also the creator and head writer of the web-sketch series "Down the Show," a show that's been called "an infectious weird world" by Next Tv Entertainment.


Getting started on this road to optimal health may seem daunting, but the great thing about the live food diet is that it’s not all or nothing. Most raw foodies attempt to keep it raw about 70 percent of the time and raw dietitian Natalia Rose is an advocate of the “raw ‘till dinner” movement, in which you eat only live fruits and vegetable during the day and then enjoy a cooked meal for dinner.

Any amount of live foods you add to your diet can make an impact, so it’s best not to fret about your strictness, especially right off the bat.

An easy way to break into the raw side of life is through smoothies. The texture of smoothies is one that we’ve known our whole lives, the equipment to make them couldn’t be less fancy and it’s an easy way to get several servings of live nutrients in one go. The process of blending fruits and vegetable also breaks down the tough fiber, making it easier to consume and digest large quantities at once.

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