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How To Pick Up Chinese Girls by Tianzi  Harrison

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This book is for people who are interested in successfully getting a girlfriend who speaks Chinese primarily. We will touch on Chinese girls' likes and dislikes, expectations, and inhibitions, as well as interests and concerns based on their social background. Using these as a road map, I will suggest appropriate language to use in different dating situations, some general, others specific. The advantage of using Chinese as the medium of communication between you and a Chinese girl is that you can avoid awkward lost-in-translation moments. My goal is to help you nail it whenever possible.


Tianzi Harrison is native Chinese speaker from Wuhan, China. She went to middle school in Singapore and completed her bachelor's and master's degrees in film in the U.S. Since April 2010, she has been working as a professional writer, editor, and translator. She writes about cinema and travel, with a focus in Asia, especially China. Her personal website can be accessed at


Because of the rigorous curricula before college, most Chinese girls have befriended male classmates but have not dated guys until they are well into their 20s. Therefore, their expectations of a boyfriend tend to be filled with fantasies and ideals that they have learned elsewhere, such as classic literature and popular media.

Being able to point out which female fictional character or female icon that she reminds you of is a great way of flattering her and getting her to talk about whom she wants to be and what kind of a relationship she wants to have. For example, Bai Liang Zi from The Legend of the White Snake is a beautiful, kind, and capable woman who devotes herself to her husband.

Xiao Long Nü from the martial arts novel The Return of the Condor Heroes is an extremely fair-complexioned, elegant, but seemingly nonchalant woman who attracts younger men. Taiwanese female icon Xiao S, on the other hand, is a frank, zesty, and sexy woman who naturally becomes the center of attention in any situation. The list goes on. Pick yours carefully.

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