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Guide To Fertility Treatments by The Hyperink Team

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It is estimated that across the United States, 6.1 million people struggle to conceive as a result of infertility issues. As far as the childbearing population of the US is concerned, this accounts for around 11% of women, or more than 1 in 10. Fortunately, impaired fertility very rarely means that a woman will never be able to conceive, as the American Pregnancy Association estimates that around 85-90% of cases can be treated either with medication or surgery, leading to a successful pregnancy.

Today, there are many procedures that aid reproduction, allowing those who suffer from infertility to successfully conceive. Such procedures include natural self help techniques as well as medications, surgery, and assisted reproduction therapies.


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Of course, only so much can be done from home when it comes to eliminating your infertility issues, and those who still find themselves unable to conceive should consult a medical professional. As 85-90% of infertility issues can be addressed through medication and surgery, it is important to address your exact issue with medical assistance.

Medications such as Clomid and Tamoxifen both increase egg production, while Gonadotrophins can boost fertility in both men and women. When you begin taking Clomid your doctor will advise you as to how many cycles per day are appropriate for you. This varies from woman to woman and depends entirely on how much estrogen you are producing. If your doctor finds that you are not successfully conceiving on Clomid, they may consider trying other treatments, such as Gonadotrophin. It is important to remember that medications can take up to twelve months to work.

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