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Ferdinand Uses The Potty by Jay Tucker

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Book Description

Ferdinand the Frog awakens one night to a very damp realization. Something doesn't feel right in his bed at all! What can the little guy do to fix the situation?
Luckily for Ferdinand, he has a friend who has experienced the same thing. Ferdinand learns that potty training is all about confidence. There seems to be one huge obstacle, however. Ferdinand is afraid of the sound the toilet makes when it's flushed.
In Ferdinand Uses the Potty, by Jay Tucker, our yellow frog friend faces his fear and he will encourage your child to do the same! Ferdinand Uses the Potty is wonderfully illustrated by award winning artist, D.E. West.

Why parents need Ferdinand Uses the Potty

  • Punishment doesn't work, encouragement does work
  • Straightforward potty training advice written in a fun format
  • Ferdinand's story will encourage your child to face his or her potty training fears head-on.
  • Help develop your child's love for literacy with rhyme while he or she learns one of life's most important early skills

    Acclaim for Ferdinand Uses the Potty
    "Ferdinand Uses the Potty is a book that gives a fresh and humorous look at the topic of potty training for young children. Children will enjoy learning that their thoughts and feelings about becoming a 'big kid' are normal and real. Parents and children alike will delight in the amusing dialog between Ferdinand and his friend. This book will give parents the opportunity to laugh with their child and discuss how their child can become 'toilet ready' by listening to their mind and body."
    --Allison Zaddach, M.E., Reading Education and educator of primary aged children

    "As a clinical psychologist who works with children, I often encounter young people who struggle with the normal fears concerning toileting. Ferdinand Uses the Potty is a delightful tale that will entertain while helping children to feel more comfortable about potty training."
    --Dr. Shari Chrovian, Licensed Psychologist

    "A wee lil' lesson that's delightful, thoughtful, and enjoyable for both adults and kids."
    -- Su Chin, co-founder of Mom Reviewers and editor of Parents Review

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    From the Growing with Love series at Loving Healing Press

    JUV039170 Juvenile Fiction : Health & Daily Living - Toilet Training
    FAM044000 Family & Relationships : Toilet Training
    JUV002120 Juvenile Fiction : Animals - Frogs & Toads

    • ISBN: 9781615999408 |
    • Hardcover: 22 pages |
    • Publisher: Loving Healing Press Inc |
    • Publication date: |
    • Language: English |
    • Format: Ebook