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Eyes of the Slain Woman by Benjamin Kwakye

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Book Description

This is a collection of three novellas that each explore grief and the tenacity of the human spirit. In Echoes of Hungry Blood, Solo, a disenchanted doctor leaves his practice in the city to work in a small town, where he is presented with the challenge of caring for those who have committed crimes against his family. His decision has severe ramifications that lead to regret and eventual deliverance. In The Last Next, Solo returns to the city and remarries. His new wife is soon diagnosed with a terminal illness. Unable to cope with the pain, she asks him to euthanize her. His agreement and the ensuing trial and conviction for murder become a journey of growth and redemption. Eyes of the Slain Woman narrates the harrowing experiences of Ma Ebo, a long-widowed woman, following the murder of her son. Through the prodding of a friend, she is persuaded to visit her son’s murderer in prison and in the process find healing and the liberation of forgiveness.

  • ISBN: 9781681140674 |
  • Publisher: Anaphora Literary Press |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook