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Digital Maker Bibliography by Safari Content Team

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Book Description

Digital Makers experiment at the intersection between the creative and the practical. They are driven by curiosity and playfulness, by manifesto pledges to fail fast and fail often. To bring new designs into reality, they must draw upon inspiring and insightful contributions from a wide variety of fields; art, design, science or technology, before applying them with laser-focus to the particular problem they have in mind.

As part of their craft, makers must tackle issues of materials science, algebra, logic and a myriad of other subjects every day as part of their inventive leisure activities. Of course, this means drawing a boundary around the knowledge relevant to ‘making’ represents an impossible task. Instead, this bibliography attempts to summarize and explain the recurring themes that have emerged from the craft and have become fascinations for makers the world over. These are the tools, techniques, deployment domains, audiences and ways of thinking which are chosen over and over again for their power, accessibility, flexibility, elegance, or cool factor.

  • ISBN: 9781492015123 |
  • Hardcover: 95 pages |
  • Publisher: Safari Books Online |
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  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook