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Dark Rage by Lowell Cauffiel

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Book Description

On the day before Thanksgiving, a madman rains terror on an airport

Laurel Kring sits in his garage, blaring John Coltrane as he writes his manifesto. When he has every word in place, he returns to his living room, wraps his arms around his wife, and puts a bullet in her side. She will only be the first to die.
At Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Jack Riker is wearing a heart monitor. An ex–homicide cop working as airport police until his pension comes through, Jack has been feeling heart palpitations, and his doctor suggested he wear the monitor for an ordinary workday. But this Thanksgiving will be anything but normal. When Laurel Kring descends on Detroit Metro, intent on carrying out the next step in his manifesto, thousands of passengers will be at his mercy, and Riker will have to stop Kring—if his heart doesn’t fail him first.  

  • ISBN: 9781497649705 |
  • Hardcover: 260 pages |
  • Publisher: Road |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook