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Cranio-Facial Growth in Man

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Book Description

Cranio-Facial Growth in Man contains the proceedings of a Conference on Genetics, Bone Biology, and Analysis of Growth Data, held in Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 1-3, 1967. Contributors discuss the state of knowledge in the area of cranio-facial growth, with emphasis on three primary areas of cranio-facial research: bone biology, genetics, and analysis of growth data.
This text consists of 19 chapters organized into six sections. After giving an overview of research on cranio-facial growth done at the National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR), this book turns its attention to the biology of bone. Topics covered in this section include the mechanisms of cartilage growth and replacement in endochondral ossification; the histological characteristics of bone that reflect mineral homeostasis; and modes of growth of the neurocranium. The reader is also introduced to the genetics of cranio-facial growth and techniques in processing and handling growth data. A chapter that evaluates methods and perspectives in cranio-facial research concludes the book.
This book will serve as a useful guide to prospective and active investigators in the field of human biology, to graduate students in their selection of a meaningful research topic, and to the NIDR in terms of future program planning.

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