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Child Care When You Can't Be There by Beth  L.

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If you're a new parent (or just new to looking for child care), the many options and choices available can be overwhelming. Most people think of a daycare facility when the concept of childcare is considered, but there are actually many other options, including ones you probably never knew existed. Child care can generally be divided into two broad categories: care in your own home by a provider or care in an outside facility.

Within each of these lie a number of choices. Care in your home can be provided by anyone from a family member to a live-in nanny to a part-time babysitter. Outside care choices include small home day cares and large centers. The costs and services vary from provider to provider.

Arranging for child care when you can't be there is not only a practical issue, but an emotional one too. The decision to leave your child with someone else is a tough one that many parents struggle with. They want to make sure they choose the best care for their child - one that provides a safe, stimulating, comfortable environment in which the child will thrive and learn.


As children grow, they may be more active and require more care than a family member is able to provide. If you choose a family member for care, be sure to set a timeframe in advance so that you know what to expect, and plan on looking for alternative care when the child is older.

Another potential problem with in-home care by a family member is that the person may not provide the kind of care you desire. Just being family doesn't guarantee that the person is good at caring for your children. If there are significant differences between your values and expectations - such as how much television you want your child to watch, what type of activities to do, and how discipline is handled - it may be best to consider a different type of arrangement.

A final, more practical problem is that if you will still need backup care. If your family member is sick or traveling, you'll have to find alternate arrangements. Be sure to have a backup plan in place.

Another option for in home care is a nanny. The benefits of hiring a nanny are the same for other in-home care. Transitions are easier, and the children may feel more comfortable in their own home...

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Child Care When You Can't Be There

+ Introduction

+ Determine Your Childcare Budget

+ In-home Childcare Choices

+ Child Care Outside the Home

+ ...and much more

  • ISBN: 9781614647423 |
  • Hardcover: 23 pages |
  • Publisher: Hyperink |
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  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook