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Biography of James Patterson (American Novelist, Writer of the Alex Cross and Women's Murder Club Series) by Tawnya  T.

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James Patterson is a tremendously successful American novelist who specializes in the thriller genre. He enjoys a huge fan base mainly due to his writing style, which is fast paced and packed full of interesting characters and plot twists that readers don't see coming. Patterson delivers his fast-paced material through witty dialogue, short paragraphs, and very short chapters. His physical descriptions of characters in the book accompanied by lengthy back stories and personality descriptions make readers feel like they personally know the characters.

Patterson's first novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, was a mystery thriller that was turned down over thirty times before it was finally published. In its first publication, the novel sold a modest 10,000 copies and was not considered a huge success. However, the novel went on to win the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best New Novel.


When Patterson first chose to go to college, he had reservations about his career path. He first pursued an Education degree, and later decided to switch to an English literature graduate degree. He changed his mind again several times over the course of his college years, uncertain what career path he most wanted to embrace.

During the summers between his semesters in college, Patterson took a temporary job at McLean Hospital as a medical aide. He did not pursue a career in the medical field, but the summer job was not a complete waste of the time, because it ended up being influential to Patterson's career in an unusual way. He spent a great deal of time leisurely reading books while he was working predominantly quiet night shifts at the hospital. It was during one of these night shifts that he was inspired by Robert Lowell, a fellow employee. Lowell loved poetry and shared his love of the written word with Patterson.In the short time they spent together, Patterson could not get enough of Lowell's opinions or suggestions. Patterson tried his own hand at writing and found he had a talent for the written word...

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