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Biography of Jackson Pollock by Kate  Kastelein

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It is quite possible I could do that is the most frequent statement uttered about Jackson Pollocks art work. His most famous pieces, those with large canvases splattered with paint have delighted and confounded art lovers and critics since the 1940s.

Pollocks fame was largely due to his innovative way of painting. He would take a large canvas and place it on the floor of his studio. He would then walk around it, drizzling and splattering paint on it with sticks, pallet knives, or even just by pouring the paint directly onto the canvas. The resulting canvas often gave the impression of having no design or form, but this was not necessarily-or sometimes at all-the case.

Many of Pollocks paintings are extremely large, some measuring as long as 18 feet. His most famous works are in his splatter paint style, and feature swirls, splashes, and splatters of paint, often in very simple colors like black, white, yellow, and red. He also created a number of works using more traditional methods, i.e. paint brush on canvas, but they still tend be uniquely abstract.


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Jackson Pollock was born in 1912, the youngest in a family of five boys. He was born in Cody, Wyoming, but later moved to Arizona and then Chico, California. Pollocks father, LeRoy was a farmer, and later worked for the US Government as a land surveyor. Pollocks mother, Stella, worked as a housekeeper and is frequently considered to have been a key figure in Pollocks childhood and adult life.

Pollocks history with mental illness and social problems seems to have started early on in life following an unsteady pattern of surges and quells in behavioral problems. Growing up he was often in trouble, and expelled from two high schools, including the Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles. He did however have periods in his life where he seemed entirely free or mostly-free of deep emotional conflict. he was a prolific and productive artist.

Pollock travelled with his father, and was able to experience Native American culture while doing so. He would later say that Native American art greatly influenced his own style. Eventually Pollock moved to New York City to stay with his brother, Charlie, who was already there, and to study at the Art Students League of New York. It was there that he met his mentor, Thomas Benton.


Biography of Jackson Pollock

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