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Biography of Chelsea Handler by Jeff Mudd

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She jokes. She writes. She acts. She hosts. She produces.

Is she a budding tycoon? A whirling typhoon?

Well, yes and yes.

Chelsea Handler is at once a sexy, sharp-tongued comic, a highly-rated television host, a best-selling author, and, of late, a sitcom actress playing her own sister. Despite her self-deprecating humor and surgical skewering of all-things-celebrity, she has become a bonafide superstar in her own right.

On the tube, the shelves, the stage, and the tabloids, the blonde beauty is seemingly everywhere. Compared to Handler, Ryan Seacrest is a couch potato.


Jeff Mudd has been writing since the age of 10, taking second place in a statewide short-story contest with his tale of a down-on-his-luck cowboy named The Loan Ranger and his trusty horse, Tin Foil. A journalism graduate and lifelong sports enthusiast, he is married with three children.


Voila, The Chelsea Handler Show was born. The variety format allowed the versatile comic to juggle stand-up bits, offbeat sketches and taped shorts on a weekly basis. But the production was costly, and after two years the show evolved into the current day “Chelsea Lately.” The latter’s daily format allows Handler, along with three comedic panelists and a celebrity guest cameo, to chew on and spit out whatever entertainment topic or dansel du jour that may flash before her.

Handler shares the stage and spreads the jokes, but make no mistake - she is definitely the queen of the roost.

"I never really saw that coming," she said in Marie Claire. "I didn't become a comedian to work this hard. But Ted was saying, 'You need your own show. You have such a strong point of view.' But the only way I was going to be on E! was if I could make fun of E! and everyone on those shows. I thought, That would be a great job."

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