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Biography of Barry Bonds by Jeff  Shand-Lubbers

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Barry Bonds: the mere mention of his name evokes passionate memories for sports fans across the world. For many, the name also brings to mind some of the most jaw-dropping displays of athleticism in the history of professional baseball.

Many casual baseball fans view Bonds as an extraordinary baseball talent, yet the memory of that talent will always be overshadowed by his admitted (accidental) use of steroids (according to leaked grand jury testimony). The more statistically-inclined baseball fans view Bonds, and more specifically his career statistics, as almost inhuman.

For those who followed his career closely from start to finish, Bonds was a complicated, brooding figure who often seemed to be always on the lookout for those who he felt had wronged him.


Jeff Shand-Lubbers specializes in absolutely nothing yet still enjoys writing about a variety of topics, including current events, politics, baseball, survey research, technology issues, and anything else he finds even remotely interesting. After growing up in the Midwest he has spent the last few years moving from the east coast to the west coast before again finally settling on the east coast. His free time is spent waiting for the Detroit Tigers to finally win the World Series and keeping up with the endless energy of his 2 year old son.


Of course, Jeff Pearlmans book, Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antihero, also reported that Bonds may have looked like an ordinary child, but his athletic ability was astronomically higher than that of his friends. One of his Little League coaches said, He didnt run - he flew. He didnt just make contact with the ball - he crushed it.

Most aspiring young baseball players would feel lucky enough to have their father be an excellent professional baseball player; Barrys connection to baseball, however, did not stop there. Bonds Godfather is Hall of Fame member and baseball legend Willie Mays (Bobby Bonds and Mays patrolled the outfield together for 7 years in San Francisco), and the relationship between Barry and Mays remains strong to this day. Bobby Bonds died in 2003, at the age of 57.

After graduating from Junipero Serra in 1982, Bonds attended Arizona State University. Despite being drafted in 1985 by the Giants and playing in the minor leagues, Bonds still graduated in 1986. From there Bonds professional career took off almost immediately...

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Biography of Barry Bonds

+ Introduction

+ Background and upbringing

+ Major accomplishments and awards

+ Personal life

+ ...and much more

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