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Beagles: Training, Grooming, and Dog Care by Linda  F.

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"Snoopy didn't start off being a Beagle. It's just that 'Beagle' is a funny word." – Charles M. Schulz

Beagles are best known for their soulful expressions, compact little bodies, soft ears and sabre-like tails that hardly ever stop wagging. The breed originated in the United Kingdom and has long been associated with the country's royalty. They were introduced to the United States by early American settlers who favored them over larger small-game hunting dogs. The defining standard for the breed in the U.S. was created by the National Beagle Club of America in 1884.


You can speed up the housetraining process by confining your dog to the area where he sleeps for a few weeks, since he will most likely avoid soiling that area. The ideal way to establish boundaries from the outset is to invest in a crate. When implemented correctly, the majority of Beagles will come to adore their own special place. Properly outfitted with a soft blanket or towel and some great toys, a crate will act as a secure and comfy den; a place to sleep and play but not soil. The crate should be placed in an area where the family is active, such as the kitchen or living room. The crate should be introduced with care and should never be used as a punishment.

As the owner of a new dog, you should expect that there will be the occasional accident, especially during the initial stages of housetraining. The preferred method for dealing with accidents inside the home used to be to drag the offending dog over, force them to confront their mistake and scold them for it. This is the wrong way to go about things. If you catch your dog in the act, you can respond with a firm 'No!' and immediately take him to his proper toilet place. Barring that, it's best to just clean it up and try to figure out why it might have happened. Did you miss a walk, or is your Beagle unsettled for some reason?

Socializing Your Beagle

It is of critical importance that your Beagle is properly socialized. Paying special attention to this process will ensure the emotional health of your dog and the physical safety of him, your family and the public. As a responsible dog owner, you will need to take your Beagle out into the world to allow him to meet and experience other people, animals and environments. It's a process that should begin as soon as it is safe to take your puppy outside. Each positive interaction will serve to boost your dog's confidence and help him to handle all manner of situations in the future...

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