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A Green Place for Dying by R.J. Harlick

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Book Description

Meg Harris’s friend has been missing for over two months, but she’s not the only one.

Meg Harris returns to her home in the West Quebec wilderness after a trip. Upon her arrival she discovers that a friend’s daughter has been missing from the Migiskan Reserve for more than two months. Meg vows to help find the missing girl and starts by confronting the police on their indifference to the disappearance. During her investigation, she discovers that more than one woman has gone missing. Fearing the worst, Meg delves deeper and confronts an underside of life she would rather not know existed. Can she save the girl and others with little help and in the face of grave danger?

This is the fifth book in the Meg Harris Mystery series.

Watch for next book in the series, Silver Totem of Shame, coming in May 2014.

  • ISBN: 9781459701007 |
  • Hardcover: 424 pages |
  • Publisher: Dundurn |
  • Publication date: |
  • Language: English |
  • Format: Ebook