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12 Essentials of Concealed Carry by Grant  Cunningham

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Book Description

Basic tips to get started in safe and responsible concealed carry.

You’ll Love This If:
  • You’re interested in concealed carry training
  • You’re new to defensive shooting
  • You believe in your right of self-defense
  • In 12 Essentials of Concealed Carry, certified Combat Focus Shooting instructor Grant Cunningham breaks concealed carry down into its most important elements. Learn about critical topics like concealed carry laws, choosing the right gun, methods of concealment, interacting with law enforcement and much more. Cunningham draws upon his years of experience to provide a solid foundation of knowledge on safe and responsible concealed carry. This book is a must read for anyone interested in exercising their right of personal defense.

    You’ll Learn About:

    • Concealed carry safety
    • How to interact with law enforcement
    • Choosing a concealed carry gun
    Chapters Include:
    • Mindset
    • What Your Concealed Carry License Allows
    • Ammunition for Self Defense
    • Concealment
    • Plus, many detailed photos demonstrating proper methods

    • ISBN: 9781440240218 |
    • Publisher: F+W Media |
    • Publication date: |
    • Language: English |
    • Format: Ebook