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About Us

Total Boox is an innovative company active in the ebook space and introducing a number of revolutionary ebook services. At the heart of our activity lies the belief that the digital shift creates tremendous opportunities for the entire book industry. We are set on identifying these opportunities and creating effective services around them.

We strive to eliminate all barriers between books and readers, encourage exploration, and introduce business models that greatly improve reader­–book matching and market efficiency.

We view the shift from print to digital as merely the basis for the dramatic changes yet to arrive, and we keep busy bringing in some of those changes.

Our services are based on the following concepts:

  • Freedom of Access – Anyone, anytime should be able to read any book. Limiting access is counter-productive and unnecessary.
  • Fair-Minded Business Model - Whatever amount a person or organization pays for a book, it should reflect how much of the book has been read. Un-opened books or un-read pages require different treatment from completed books or read pages.
  • Wide Open Distribution and Sharing Channels - Every person and every event can spur additional reading and tempt new readers. We provide optimal conditions for the proliferation of reading.
  • Big Data – We collect and analyze data in an ongoing effort to improve curating, recommendation, distribution and discovery. We believe these lead to more reading and better books.
  • Obsessive Protection of Privacy - Under no circumstance, whatever the cost, will we reveal any information directly related to the reading habits of individuals using our services.
  • Alliances with Publishers and Authors - We strive to help content creators better understand how their books are consumed, and assist them in locating their readers and building sustainable relationships with them.

The patent-pending concepts and technologies used by Total Boox have all been fully developed in-house, and are wholly owned by the company.